Thursday, August 16, 2007

Technology - Fear = Really Cool Fun

Ok, so I've had my new work car for about two weeks now. This morning, the voice in my car (on-star) reminded me that I haven't activated it. I told myself I hadn't done this because I know I wouldn't renew the on-star after the two-month trial. After my trip to work, I realized it may have been fear that kept me from doing it. Anyway, while driving to work my car collected my personal information, offered me a discount for 100 minutes of pre-paid calling for $17.00 good for a year, I paid with my debit card, and then was reminded that I could use restaurant reservations and turn-by-turn directions. I politely said thank you, since it was a real person in Toronto, Canada that I was talking to, and then good bye. I then Called my wife by simply saying her number out loud, and told her I was going to get turn-by turn directions to work. I flipped the manual out, page 12, and started the process. (yes, don't tell my auto insurance agent I was reading while driving). I gave my address to a real person who then directed the car how to get where I wanted to go. The directions were perfect, every step of the way, including my "deviation" from their suggested route since the 35W bridge failure has caused even me to change routes to work. Having overcome this technology fear, I decided to test the system. I plugged in my i-pod (thanks SMF!) and listened to the architectural pod-casts that I had just downloaded the other day. This particular pod-cast happened to be the utilization of BIM (Building Information Modeling) software on large collaborative projects. More technology (BIM from i-net), on technology (i-pod), interupted by technology (turn-by-turn)! So I figure one final step....I just purchased a digital recorder a month ago, and figured why not document this blog into the digital dictaphone. My software can then type-it all up. Just as I started to record, two problems became evident. Human interruption (Dina called on my real cell phone to check on the on-star workings), and lack of time (my arrival at work). I hope to find the time soon to implement the voice to text trial-software I had downloaded for just such an occasion soon. Before I want to dictate another blog. I suppose, I could just dictate it, and post the voice-file.......but I'm a little afraid of discovering that technology...

No overt moral, other than I really enjoy testing and playing w/ these new technologies, and if I want to fully integrate them into my life, I will have to make the time, uninterrupted, to set up my system.