Thursday, September 3, 2015

Crystal Cabinets Showroom: Princeton MN

Always fun to see a project we've designed open for business.

While there are still a number of kitchens displays to be designed and installed, there are enough in place to get a feel for the high level of quality that Crystal Cabinets puts into their products and company.

LSF Design was brought in to help convert a vacant main street building in downtown Princeton, MN into the Crystal Cabinet Showroom & National Training Center.

Over 20 custom kitchen displays will eventually fill the space, as well as many custom and feature Millwork items. There is also a tiered seating presentation space for about 50 with all the extra's including a private reception area and bar on the back.

A catering kitchen behind the scenes will provide food for larger gatherings, while a fully functioning demonstration kitchen will show off all the latest kitchen cabinet to clients and sales teams from around the country.

LSF Design provided architectural and structural services for this project working closely with Crystal Cabinet's lead designer and project manager.

Individual kitchens are being designed and installed by other premier designers including Partners 4 Design who also have a showroom at the International Market Square (IMS) in Minneapolis.

Until professional photography is available, my quick snapshots of a few of the spaces will have to do.

This project comes on the heels of a visit by the Minnesota Design Team to Princeton, (formerly the MN Governor's Design Team). A number of recommendations including building re-use, historic brick use, and priority for infill projects for downtown area were incorporated. Where possible the existing brick was left exposed on the interiors, while the exterior received a facelift including all new aluminum storefront, brick, wood soffits and cement stucco upgrades.

Stop in (by appointment only) and visit the Crystal Cabinet showroom.

LSF Design is now working with the Riverside Plaza mall association across the street to update their exteriors under a local/state grant program to upgrade existing facilities in small towns.

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