Saturday, August 24, 2013

Demo and Construction Two Churches

Months of planning and design completed, demo and construction underway.

Trinity Lutheran of Watertown, MN and St. Bonaventure Catholic Church of Bloomington, MN are both adding space but not one single new seat in the worship space!

What is limiting growth at your church?

Here are the improvements at one or both of these churches I designed here at Vanman Architects and Builders:

**New visible and accessible entrances.
**Vastly improved internal circulation.
**A central fellowship space.
**A place for youth.
**Secure check-in and lockable wing for pre-school.
**Lots of light and views added.
**Elevator connecting three levels.
**Dedicated meeting room for many shared functions.
**Support spaces for weddings and funerals.

St. Bonaventure - beam pockets for youth room roof.

St. Bonaventure - foundation and beam pockets for sloped roof over meeting room.

St. Bonaventure - cutting one of the two 12' wide openings connecting the new commons areas.

St. Bonaventure - chopping up the two old toilet rooms for one new large women's toilet room.

Trinity Lutheran - clearing trees for the new weekday entrance, offices, meeting room, toilets, cafe, and large commons. All the stained glass and brick walls will become a feature of this welcoming space.

Trinity Lutheran - removing a portion of the middle level slab on grade to drop the floor 30" to connect the current fellowship to the new elevator and other two levels.

Trinity Lutheran - Unexpected discoveries abound. The last addition ripped out a former landing and stair, leaving this block wall "hanging" off a make-shift bracket. (Magic Structure?)

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Abbott Northwestern Heart Hospital

Buildings are favorites are the ones with good bones, tight skin, and a good set of lungs.

This six story beauty has served thousand of people as part of a strong medical complex.

Find the parts....

Heat and Ventilation
View & Privacy
Re-use & Re-purpose

Our buildings can influence how we feel in times of stress and crisis. Protect us, give us perspective, and remember we are just all a part of history in the making.


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Location:Chicago Ave,Minneapolis,United States