Saturday, March 22, 2014

To Skin a Cat

Sometimes the obvious answer is the best one. But not usually.

When this church brought their problem to me with a suggested solution, I made it my responsibility to fully understand the problem, make a few suggestions, let them review and select the right solution for them, BEFORE taking steps that may prevent the RIGHT solution from being possible.

The problem, a very tall (7'-6" high) flight of exterior stairs at the main entry. Slippery when wet, snowy and icy, and even though there is an accessible entrance hidden at the back of the building, this is the main entrance to a very lovely church inside.

I developed five (5) different solutions, from a dramatic new enclosed entry over the existing stairs, to a simple heated stair overlay, or a seasonal wind break enclosure.

The church facility committee is currently reviewing these options

Why so many options?


- Perhaps there is an underlying need to fix an unstated but related problem.
- Perhaps there is a "sacred" element that shouldn't be touched as it is important to certain members or the history of the church.
- Perhaps they were considering other work in the area that one solution or another meshes perfectly with that project.

With five distinctly different options to choose from now, it is more likely that this one problem will be solved to the satisfaction to more current and future members of this congregation.

What obstacle(s) might turn people off of, or away from, the church YOU attend?

- Nursery is not close to the sanctuary?
- Non-accessible rooms?
- Under-used spaces that could be combined or converted to youth spaces?
- Dark basement fellowship?
- Glare?
- Poor acoustics?
- Some spaces too hot or cold.

WHAT EVER IT IS I have likely helped others with unique suggestions, and would love to help you too.

First meeting is always FREE!!!!

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