Thursday, October 11, 2012

School into Church Code Study

Keeping people safe one calculation at a time.

When someone yells "FIRE" it better be self evident how to get yourself and loved ones to safety!

One of the most thankless jobs, but THE most critical.

Thank God for calculators!

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

British Basement...phase 1.

The 9 foot ceilings in the basement of this 12 year old home coupled with a patient couple waiting for just the right time to implement their ideas permit a lot of variety within an odd shaped space.

The space becomes a balanced series of unique, defined spaces that explode into a sheltered outdoor room anchored by two unique fireplaces and a two level stamped concrete, stone and iron wood perch to admire their 200 acres and the rum river that runs through it.

Dark woodwork, coffered ceilings, slate and stone create this desired British feeling.

The design also gives more than a nod to the private and public activities of the family and includes a gallery for family photos.

A fun project...get to share with the client tomorrow.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Reduced Scope Required!

When I started working on this project for LJ Level's client wanting to transform a family member's home into their own final home, they had plans to eventually retire in it. Budget was discussed, but priority was to create the spaces and features desired.
A sudden reduction of income changed everything. A strict budget became king. Phased construction became a possibility, significant DIY became necessary, and this home will likely now only be their primary residence for 3-5 years.
Phase 1 is now a new on grade primary entry & stair, master bedroom suite over a two car garage.
Phase 2 is the interior remodeling performed by the owner after moving into the MB suite.
Phase 3, if they decide to remain in the home beyond three – five years, are all of the "extras" not shown.
Pricing underway.
One benefit of working with a designer as well as a builder is you get to make decisions based on real design and real numbers while only paying for the "thinking" time to create these very basic concept sketches on trace paper... rather than starting demolition and hoping for the best.
Want to clarify your concept and get a price? Give me a call!



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