Saturday, August 13, 2011

Code analysis and design...approach matters.

There are times where common sense doesn't seem to align with the building codes. The codes and their enforcers exist for one protect lives. If you are trying to expand or change your business, you may run into a series of limitations imposed by the codes. With a little creative thinking, a clear presentation, and by working within the intention and letter of the building codes, you CAN do what you want. Below is the approved plan and calculations for a print shop expansion into an existing auto dealership parts mezzanine. With some minor alterations to the original plan....a building permit can now be pulled. Call me in sooner than later....asking permission first works better than apologizing later when it comes to building codes and permitting. They CAN make you rip out the work and THAT'S expensive.

Even though 22 occupants doesn't mandate two exits, common path of travel on the second floor does!

Upper Level Plan.....two exits separated a minimum distance eliminates the need for sprinklers. Saves at least $10,000.

Partial First floor plan...creative two hour configuration maintains the circulation to the existing two doors below serving the customer lounge and parts room.

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