Thursday, September 27, 2012

New entry

Wrote a nice long post, and BlogPress crashed. Must not like the new iOs I upgraded to! is the plan and elevation of the final new entry former posts mention.

Thanks Pew for the encouragement....

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to save a Beautiful Old MN Church

There are three possible futures on the table for this church.

1) limp it along (until nobody attends).

2) brace it's bones and give it a triple bypass and a companion (New HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems and a complimentary addition)

3) Raze it, and not the good kind (raise).

Hoping we get this job so we can execute number two. Based on the limited amount of info provided in the RFP, I have concocted a scheme to hopefully share once short listed further.

Sneak Peak.....if you know the church....shhhh for a few weeks.

(site plan shown sucks, replacing with a simpler less site-intrusive solution that lets the Parsonage remain as rental income for a while longer.)

All 15 ministries and general attendance have been shrinking....they need the Juice...and I gave this thing a large Monster energy drink baby!

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Sketching for Understanding

Until I get my residential standards up to speed in Revit (3d design software) I am still working in Autocad 2D.

To help my clients understand the design better, I spent a couple hours popping up the plan, sketching in the design, and finally shading and rendering.

It may not be art, but it helps get to a decision. Are we done, or do we need to revise the roof form (over the entry).

Stuff on the left is the new entry and kitchen addition (over basement expansion) to this Blooming home.

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Location:Durant St NE,Isanti,United States

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Open, Closed......Open.

Why Design first? To make decisions that can be fixed with an eraser, not a demolition crew!

Original desire of this husband and wife client was to create a series of formal compartments for the various activities on the main floor. Enter, eat-in kitchen, pantry, dinning, study and living room....(not shown...just down past the dining room)

Received and incorporated changes yesterday to "open 'er all up", to use the more casual wording appropriate to this more open, casual, plan.

Now entry opens into a combined great room with just a little more division than a typical great room. Let's call it a "chunkified" Greay Room.

More connected living, more light, more views...

Where you live affects how you live....picture a day in the life inside your paper house before building the dream.

Original Addition and Remodel:

Final Addition and Remodel:

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Mission Possible

My new mission, and I have chosen to select it, is to transform this....into that.

Best part: it is for a class of '87 CHS (note the missing 'I') classmate and friend!

Upgrading my movie references, my first step is to determine if this project needs to be "Shaken" or "Stirred" to stay on budget.

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Start with a Solid Foundation

Cambridge Center For the Arts (CCFA) has rented a storefront art gallery in Cambridge.

Plans for how to use the space, lessons, instruction, gallery, office, salon, coffee shop, etc. will soon be underway.

I measured and drafted up the floor plan. This will become the solid foundation to build on.

Stop in and see the Art. Check out the activities including local and trips to minneapolis!

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Location:Durant St NE,Isanti,United States

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Like this picture I just took?

In an place of abundance, rush and greed. A pause to reflect on the plenty we have could satisfy us....for a while.

This simple twig, to me just a compositional element in a photo, would be a family's highlight where it's discovery lead
to a months worth of fuel for heat and cooking.

What do you think of THIS picture?

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wrap around porch/deck/patio

Getting closer to the solution I think:

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