Wednesday, November 27, 2013

British design documents

The design for the British Basement is complete after some priority shifts, input from others and a decision to take over two adjacent nooks and cranny's!

Client needed to create a second kitchen(ette) to help host up to 100 church youth at their home from time to time.

Creating a longer, skinnier galley kitchen which stole about three feet from the existing mechanical room was the trick.

Features dark stained, raised wood panel cabinets, pilasters, wainscot and trim, along with a coffered ceiling and slate floor. This intense zone gives way to a simpler carpet and paint family room on one side and a family photo gallery, curved glass curio, on the other.

Facing the kitchenette is a custom reading alcove surrounded by floor to ceiling shelves for an antique book collection. This alcove was made possible by the re-structuring of one leg of the staircase landing and relocating the door to the under stair storage, now dedicated to AV components and general storage.

The design intentionally incorporates the look and feel of a British Pub based on about 20 different photographs selected by the client.

The layout is extremely functional, seating 10 around the paired peninsulas, with room to stand and walk behind each stool. There are three distinct workstations, and plenty of storage in the cabinets and the adjacent mechanical and storage rooms.


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Friday, November 8, 2013

2D or not 2D, that is the question.

2D or not 2D....that is the question.

I think in 3D, and work out my ideas in 2D plans, sections and elevations, but my clients better understand the concept if a 3D visual is available.

Here are some 2D and 3D studies, which do you find easier to understand?

2D plan for second living quarters addition:

2D Plan of special education tenant improvement:

2D Plan of A British basement library and entertainment kitchenette:

2D Plan and Elevation of an elevated stamped concrete and steel deck designed to entertain youth groups for 50-100:

3D sketches for three roof forms for a hotel addition from more to less expensive....B was selected by the client:

3D study of a fellowship doubling for my Lutheran church friends:

These are all works I created for various clients over this past week!

How can I help you make your dream project come alive?


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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

K-12 a comfortable sweater!

It has been 5 years since I have had a chance to work on a Minnesota public school project. 

It feels great to have this chance to utilize my gifts on a couple of basic school projects. These two projects will help thousands of children, in this case some middle school and special needs kids, for decades!

Warm fuzzy feelings...even doing benign wall sections.