Friday, February 17, 2012

Another NHCC sneak peek

A partial preview of the renderings of the schematic design for future new hope community church building on Skogman Lake.

Programming and Budgeting are always fun, but designing and sharing the team's design are more fun. The best of all will be watching the church grow into it's own walking down this meandering path of creating permanent memories and foundations in Isanti County, and yes, Bill, Beyond!!!

Want to see more.....Attend New Hope services the last two Sunday's in Feb. And first Sunday in March.

Design by LSF Design, Larry Fredlund
Renderings by ShoeGnome, Jared Banks and "secret" David.

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Location:Cambridge, MN

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sneaky Peek....NHCC worship center

So.....the Ides of February, 2012 will bring some new visuals for the new building out on Skogman Lake. Here are my notes to the computer modeler....from his very preliminary mockups, of my original design for the site and building. Attend church 2/18....2/25.....3/ unveil even more glimpses into new hopes future out on the lake.




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Location:Cambridge, MN

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

NHCC building on the land update

Been a while since I updated on this project....a series of design plans, elevations and perspectives I've done over the last year or so. I have two experts creating some surprises......coming in the next few'll have to wait till you see them at New Hope on a coming Sunday!

Phase I - ballfields funded by others, land by New Hope.

Final sketch of preliminary floor plan...

The lobby and lakeside patio.

Fundraising Sketches.

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Two Bedroom Addition

New Client in Blaine:
Limited budget, limited space, need another bedroom and a larger space to homeschool their six kids.
Two schemes...."A" links the existing study area and new study area with a new stair.

"B" splits the existing bathroom in to two rooms to accommodate more kids, and a kids hall to link all the bedrooms and study area bonus room.

Some very preliminary exterior sketches just to see if something is workable....there is hope, but these don't quite jive yet. (not shared....maybe after some fine tuning).
All this in 2.5 hours and an initial free meeting. The client had plans, and a pretty good idea of what they needed...didn't like their contractor's solution which added footings, foundations and was about double their budget.
Need ideas for your remodel....let's go,
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Location:Blaine, Minnesota