Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vanman's First....

Broke ground yesterday with gold shovels. Big shovels coming soon. See the St. Louis Park, MN Synagogue that Jay (Isenberg) designed. Vanman Architects and Builders leads this this truly ARCHITECT LED Design Build process as both the architect of record, and general contractor.

Do you need an architect or contractor....or both. Any commercial project including churches, banks, offices, daycare centers, restaurants, clinics.....been there, done that.

And I can help make your residential dreams a reality via LSF Design.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

First Cost's True Cost

You've decided you are finally going to tackle that "project".

This time it's a fence separating your yard from a busy road.

A chain link fence is cheap, does the job, looks ok for a few years.

An aluminum fence with brick piers and frost footings costs significantly more.

True costs to consider:

Which fence makes you feel your children will not get into the road?

Which fence keeps the delinquents out?

Which fence makes you smile from your deck?

Which fence would you rather surround your backyard graduation party!

Which fence will last until you sell your home?

Which fence encourages other quality projects in your neighborhood?

Which adds, and which decreases, your property value?

How bad will you let that chain link fence deteriorate before replacing it?

Which will have to be replaced at more than double the price?

Which compliments and ties your home to your yard?

Which creates a higher sense of ownership, deterring thieves?

....now which one makes sense?

First costs are important, and your budget must be met. There are ways to get a better end result that lasts, meets your initial budget, and satisfies more of the goals where you LIVE, WORK, PLAY or PRAY.

DIY, phasing, getting multiple bids, scaling back quantity, raising the budget....re-evaluate your priorities. You are comparing apples to oranges. Sometimes a Pineapple is what you actually want.

I am here to help...give me a call.


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