Friday, August 26, 2016

All over the board.....

If variety is the spice of life, it's been a very flavorful week here at LSF Design.

A wide variety of projects for LSF Design this week:

First pass for a new realtor office, tenant build-out.

Private changing areas in an existing high school locker room.

Code review and plan for an existing factory/storage/office building. Divided into two buildings, only 420 SF below the code maximum (99% of max!)

Portable asphalt recycling plant for a client, this one hidden on the back side of a big box store for on-site recycling of their lot!

Review of final structural drawings for a second high school football field press box expansion this year.

Footings and foundations going in at the Cloquet middle school link to he existing high school.

A very small addition to, and significant remodel, to turn a former small garage into a lake cabin. (Under construction).

WHAT IS NEXT WEEK....????....!!!!!


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